In case you prefer a special meal for religious, medical or other reasons, SLM will cater to your needs as you fly on their trusted wings.

Please make your request when booking your flight at one of our SLM offices or your trusted travel agent.

You can also make you request by email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. up to 48 hours prior to the planned flight date.

The following special meals are provided:


   Meal choice Code 
   Low fat meal  LFML
   Diabetic meal DBML 
   Gluten intolerant meal GFML 
   Low sodium meal  LSML 
   Lactose and Diary free meal NLML 
   Hindu meal HNML 
   Moslim meal MOML 
   Vegeterian (Western) meal AVML 
   Vegetarian (strict) meal VGML
   Vegetarian (Asian) meal AVML
   Fruit platter FPML 
   Children's meal CHML 


Special Meal Request