Free Inflight Entertainment

We offer free onboard entertainment which is streamed to your own personal device: your Phone, Tablet or Laptop. Choice out of the wide range of blockbuster movies, classic films, TV programmes that are available.

Young passengers have also been thought of. Play, pause, rewind or fast-forward box sets or music videos at your leisure. There is a wide choice of music including the popular SURIPOP songs

Most of the films have been edited for airline use. However, customer discretion is still advised. Please be mindful of those around you and avoid that children seated near you can see scenes with violence or adult themes.

Just make sure your mobile device is charged and ready before boarding your flight with us. Also bring along your own charging cable and earplugs for personal enjoyment

How to connect

As soon you have boarded the aircraft or shortly after take-off just simply switch your device to airplane mode, connect to our streaming network, and follow the steps popping up on your screen.

At the moment there is no WIFI available on our flights.