SLM has a corporate policy that commits the organization to a culture that has safety, security and quality as fundamental operational priorities. SLM is committed to conducting its operation in a safe, secure and efficient manner that allows the accomplishment of company objectives based on worldwide standards and industry best practices. This is accomplished by following the highest standards of quality, safety and security in all administrative, operational and technical processes.

The highest standards are accomplished by full compliance with the regulations and industry best practice, by assuring proper and constant training of all workers and post holders in their assigned processes and procedures.

These ambitious goals are accomplished through the promotion of a safety, security and quality culture with the understanding that human error is an opportunity for improvement, rewarding desirable behaviors, but never allowing willful violations of company procedures.

The senior management recognizes that commitment to safety is the fundamental priority within all operations.

Senior management is responsible for and dedicated to promote a company-wide safety culture embracing a non-punitive reporting procedure, dissemination of safety lessons, implementation of safety recommendations and establishing safety objectives. To ensure efficient and adequate function of the safety management system, the Accountable Manager will provide adequate and sufficient financial and human resources and will facilitate required training programmes to maintain and enhance the safety standards of the company. Innovations in aviation safety will be traced and adopted where applicable within the Surinam Airways safety system. Surinam Airways shall comply with all generally accepted safety standards relevant to the airline industry.

Surinam Airways manages fatigue hazards and risks under the SMS processes and principles, in accordance with the CARS (Civil Aviation Regulations Suriname) and the approved Surinam Airways Flight Duty Time Limitations Scheme. Fatigue related SMS processes monitor the airline operations to check that crewmembers remain sufficiently free of fatigue in order for them to perform their duties to a satisfactory level of safety under all circumstances, and guarantee that fatigue management is achieving its purpose and meets the safety objectives/policy/regulatory requirements. Furthermore, it also identifies areas where the fatigue related safety performance of crewmembers can be improved.

The company will not take any disciplinary action against the reporter or perpetrator of a safety related event or incident, unless gross negligence or wilful misconduct is demonstrated.

The safety department acts on behalf of senior management who approves the principles and procedures outlined in this manual to be applicable to all Surinam Airways personnel, agents and contracted parties. All Surinam Airways personnel shall be committed to adopt an explicit pro-active approach to safety and safety management and have the responsibility to comply with the applicable laws, regulations and procedures in all locations where operations are conducted.

With respect to accountability, Senior management, all operations post-holders and non-management personnel performing Safety and Security functions are responsible for taking corrective actions, either to address hazards and/or errors identified through reporting or from other sources, or in response to events, such as accidents and incidents.

Surinaamse Luchtvaart Maatschappij N.V. (SLM)

Steven Gonesh
Accountable Manager

Paramaribo, May 17, 2021